TODAY is the iBloom Online Business Spring Conference!

iBloom 2014 Spring Online Business Conference

iBloom Online Spring Business Conference

One of my favorite business resources is iBloom. I had the pleasure of meeting these ladies last year at the iBloom retreat. They most definitely have a heart for helping women, and women in business especially. From the books to the planner to the conferences, they share their knowledge and encouragement. 

I have blocked out time today to attend the iBloom Online Business Spring Conference live. It is incredible to attend conferences live so that you can be an active participant in the chat box. But, what I also love is getting the recordings and being able to take my time, pausing every so often, taking notes, and really “hearing” what is being taught. The great part is that the recordings are included with the $27 ticket!

Yes, $27 is all this conference costs. I am astounded at the quality of the information that is shared for such a low price. It is definitely affordable and worth FAR more than this small price tag.

Won’t you join me today and soak up the knowledge from the talented iBloom team? Check out the topics that will be covered in these 5 sessions:

Session #1: The Fundamentals

iBloom Founder, Kelly Thorne Gore
10-10:45am ET

During the Opening Session, Kelly will help you:

  • identify YOUR ideal customer,
  • clarify YOUR ideal customer’s biggest ache, and
  • define how you can best serve YOUR ideal customer.

This opening session will provide the foundation for the other conference sessions where our iBloom in Business Team will teach you the fundamentals for positioning yourself as the go-to person to YOUR ideal customer.

Session #2: How to Look Like the Expert

Interview with iBloom Branding Specialist, Lori Murray
11-11:45am ET

The first step to positioning yourself as the go-to person to your ideal customer is to look like you’re the expert. During this session, our iBloom Branding Specialist, Lori Murray will teach you 5 easy ways to look like you’re the expert to YOUR ideal customer.

Session #3: How to Talk Like the Expert

Interview with iBloom Social Media Specialist, Dr. Jennifer Bennett & iBloom Copywriter, Leigh Ann Napier
1-1:45pm ET

There are several key ways that you can position yourself as the go-to person simply by the way you “talk” on your website, blog, and social media platforms. We will teach you the fundamentals, so your ideal customer will “hear” you as their go-to person.

Session #4: Create the Content for a FREE Teleclass or Webinar

iBloom Speaking Specialist, Betsy Ringer
2-2:45pm ET

Teleclasses and webinars are educational calls or online experiences that reach your potential client base and gives you credibility to establish yourself as an expert in your area. The results of these calls are dependent on delivering effective content and leading in an engaging way that brings value to the listener. Learn how to create valuable teleclass and webinar content and facilitate successfully.

Session #5: Closing Session

iBloom in Business Team
3-4pm ET

During the Closing Session, you will have the opportunity to share your biggest takeaways from the day and the next step that you’re planning to implement.

There is even a Q&A time scheduled for the private Facebook group!

Leave me a comment letting me know you’ll be there!

But, what will we eat? {tips for when Mama is away}

But what will we eat { tips for when Mama is away} from Our Abundant Blessings  @LaurieBostwick

We are leaving for the Teach Them Diligently convention in Nashville this week. This will mean that I am not home to cook meals. Also going with me are our daughters, they would normally step in to do some cooking for me.

Most of our meals are cooked from scratch. This is great for both our health and budget. It is not so great, however, when I am going to be away from home for a few days. If I am not home, not much cooking can happen. My daughters don’t share my love of cooking, They will cook easy meals, but putting together an entire meal from freezer to table is not their idea of a good time.

Since cooking from scratch is what we are used to, I try to leave easy to re-heat meals for my hubby when I am going to be away for more than a day.

I am putting together a menu of foods that I can prepare ahead of time and leave in the frig for my hubby and son to re-heat while we are gone.

But what will we eat- tips for when Mama is away


Breakfast burritos
Egg sandwiches
Buttermilk waffles
Buttermilk Pancakes
Egg muffins

Lunches & Suppers:

Beef stew
Chicken stew
Lunch meats for roll ups or sandwiches
Chicken tenders
Chicken enchiladas
Grilled chicken breasts- to eat as is, in salads, in quesadillas, in tacos, and wraps
Individual meat loaves


Green beans
Tossed salad- for portability, make Mason Jar Salads
Pre-chop veggies for stir fry

Pre-cook rice (re-heat by adding a bit of water and warming in the microwave or on the stovetop)
Pre-cook pasta (re-heat by running hot water over the pasta in a strainer)


Hard boiled eggs- to eat as is,  or in a salad
Cut up fruits such as cantalope, watermelon, pineapple, and honeydew
Cheese and crackers



This list is by no means exhaustive. What would you add?

Planning for a homeschool convention, the necessities {free printable}

To say that I am excited about our upcoming trip to Nashville to attend the Teach Them Diligently Convention is an huge understatement. I have been planning and looking forward to March 20-22, 2014 ever since those dates were announced as the next Nashville TTD Convention!

I have a running packing list that I refer to whenever we take a trip. As a side benefit to blogging, my children and I have taken a few trips that would not have been possible without blogging, such as to visit The Creation Museum, and the fun activities we experienced while visiting my parents in NY. We have taken more trips over the past two years than usual for us, and this year holds the same. We love to travel, so this is a good thing!


Planning for a Homeschool Convention- the Necessities at Our Abundant Blessings

Here is my planning list for a homeschool convention- the necessities:

Comfy clothes- you will be walking and sitting all day, be comfortable!

Comfy shoes- again, lots of walking ahead

Underclothes- obviously  ;)

Swim suit- if you plan to swim

Sandals or flip flops for walking to the pool

A sweater- some rooms will be cooler than others (TTD Nashville is kept at 72*)


Hair accessories (minus the hair dryer as there should be one in your room)

Refillable water bottle- at TTD Nashville, each room will have water available, fill your cup with ice before leaving the hotel area, then fill it with water in the rooms.

Address labels to sign up for catalogs and giveaways (saves a bunch of time!)

Business cards (or contact cards- with contact info and blog address)

Note-taking materials- whether that is pen & paper or more advanced (I have a Kindle and have purchased a Bluetooth keyboard to type my notes)

Clipboard (I like to have a hard surface for writing)

Smart phone- I will be Tweeting from TTD (follow me), using the hashtag #TTDNashville (you can also follow TTD!)

Chargers for electronic devices (I invested in a portable charger this year as the outlets at the convention center are somewhat few and far between)

Rolling cart

Mints, gum, and/or Tic Tacs

Snacks (easy to eat in between sessions- nuts, granola bars, etc)

Foods for your stay

Slow cooker, if you are using one

Extra coffee/filters, sweeteners, creamers (if you drink a lot of coffee- the hotel provides a small coffee pot and a couple of coffee packages)

Roll of paper towels, plastic utensils, disposable cups, plate & bowls

Lotion (my hands tend to dry out in the air conditioning)

Folder with all of your pertinent information (hotel reservation, speaker schedule, local information, maps, etc)

Headache medicine (whatever you use to treat headaches- the noise, the busyness, the crowds, being off-schedule can all lead to a headache)

Small bottle of hand sanitizer

Throat drops (my throat tends to get dry in hotel rooms)

Extra camera card (never know how many photo opps you will find!)

Your own pillow (I sleep better with extra pillows and being well-rested is a good thing!)

Cash (I prefer to leave my debit card at home and not use a credit card- also means when the cash is gone, the shopping is over!)

Patience and a good attitude!

Being prepared can make your convention trip all the more enjoyable. Just remember, though, that in the end, what matters is that you learned a few things and got to spend a few days surrounded by like-minded folks. That, in and of itself, is invaluable. The comraderie, the encouragement, the friendships, they are all more than worth the trip. Any item you forget can be purchased. Don’t stress over forgetting something. Relax and have a great time!


What is on the necessities portion of your TTD packing list?


If you would like to print your own packing list for necessities,
>>>click here<<<


Print your food planning for conventions list here





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