Encouraging Your Older Children to be Prudent with Money

Encouraging your older children to be prudent with money at Our Abundant Blessings

welcome to the eighth installment in this series, 31 days to encourage your older children!

Teaching our children well encompasses many areas of life. Money ranks pretty high up there in order of importance.
We are not a wealthy family when it comes to money. We are wealthy in many areas, but money not so much.

Here are some lessons we taught our children in an effort to encourage them to be prudent with their money:

1. Look for the blessings. Yes, there will always be something more than you want, but focus on what you already have first.

2. A dollar earned is worth more than a dollar given. When you work for something, rather than it being handed to you, you appreciate it oh so much more.

3. Working for a living is a good character builder.

4. Seeking used items before purchasing new is most always a better way.

5. Look for ways to reuse what you already have. This is a great mindset, that will benefit your child throughout his life.


Any lessons you’d add to this list?

31 Ways to Encourage Your Older Children at Our Abundant Blessings


  1. We aren’t wealthy with money either. One thing that I have always tried to impress upon my kids is that you only get to spend each dollar once. That means that it’s gone. So, you had better be sure that you are using it for the best purpose you can. That means prioritising and putting a lot of thought into your purchases. That doesn’t mean you hoard money, it means being purposeful in how you steward it. All four of my kids are pretty good with their money. Sometimes they will spend it on something like an ipod, but they save for it and wait until they have enough. They also comparison shop to be sure they are getting the most for their money. I am glad of this, because knowing how to manage their money is a life skill that will always serve them well.

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